Readers’ Comments

What readers have said

. . . a gritty story, warts and all (RD)
. . . great moments of humour (RF)
. . . amazing faith journey (SG)
. . . no rose coloured glasses (CB)

I was interested in the stories of your travels, different lands and different cultures, but more importantly how in God’s perfect plan one thing leads to another, or is preparation for the next thing. I was encouraged by a consistency of faith … and willingness to be led. I loved the bamboo camel analogy
Captivating (FG-UK)
Your writing style is brilliant and captivating. I loved your socio-economic commentaries and the analyses they provided of culture and historic developments. Your notebooks kept over many years have delivered well and captured the essence of what you and Jill were experiencing. They are priceless
Inspiring (JJ-Australia)
An honest and encouraging account of a follower of Jesus reflecting on a
personal faith that gives hope and direction even in difficult and challenging times. It is an inspiring read
Moving (KH-Australia)
Ross’s well-worded confessions and acknowledgement of the burden that was Jill’s lot as a result of his clinical depression was very moving. So many women carry such unseen burdens

Thought-provoking (KdeS-South Africa)
Very thought provoking, honest (but not unnecessarily cutting of others) and humorous. I especially love the reminders that this book is about the hand of Providence. It has been very moving, and is a book I will definitely recommend to others
Honest (KB-Australia)
When I first met Ross I was attracted to his dirty boots and practical coalface Christianity. I have met many “can do” people that don’t and here was a “will do” couple that did. Ross takes us on an honest journey of the providence of God

Wonderful read (CB-Australia)
Your expertise with words, your intellectual prowess in arranging how the book would present the themes, the ability to discern how you tick, your humanity exposed, your need for family and friends have all contributed to a wonderful read. Thank you so much

Ability to comprehend life (MG-Australia)
Much could be said about Ross’s eloquent work. My abiding impression was his ability to comprehend his life, and especially in the light of Providence. I also appreciated in a new way the value of steadfastness whilst being challenged to ponder resilience more. Thank you, Ross, for your fine memoir

No nonsense approach (GD-Australia)
Sincere with a no nonsense approach on life. A silly question, but knowing what you know now, would you have chosen this direction of a ‘career’ path for both you and Jill? Thanks, Ross, for letting us into your life and seeing your dependence on Providence
ABSORBING (GL-Philippines)
I was impressed. Providence has meant more to me now because you “did not apply for the job”. Your experiences abroad were hilarious, entertaining, sad, horrific, awesome. Your depression was very absorbing to read. Your tears moved me deeply.
TOUCHING (JB-Australia) I was touched by what Jill said about an angelic presence with her when she had to go out alone at night in India to buy supplies when you were so unwell
This is such a different story! It’s not often that we get a memoir that discusses the professional, family and personal struggles of a missionary. It’s so honest and realistic and a delight to read. So glad you took the time to write it